05 March 2020

English for Action (EFA London) are influencing local leaders to listen to their views and help shape policy that directly affects them, using their collective power to influence and affect

25 February 2020

Eight case studies of projects funded by People’s Health Trust are featured in new report on health inequalities in England, published today. 

06 February 2020

National Storytelling Week runs from 1 February to 8 February and celebrates the art from of storytelling, from theatre and dance to books and oral history.

06 February 2020

When people have control over their lives and decisions that affect them, they are able to improve and maintain their health.  Collective control is power exercised by groups of people

06 February 2020

Published in 2010, The Marmot Review was a landmark study of health inequalities in England.

06 February 2020

Carers of Leicestershire Advocacy and Support Project (CLASP) is dedicated to supporting family carers who lo

09 January 2020

This month, we’re highlighting how projects we fund are supporting the mental health of local residents. 


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