Ed Miliband MP lends a helping hand

05 May 2014

The Conservation Volunteers were helped by Ed Miliband MP and Rosie Winterton MP to construct a woodland path at their Green Gym in Doncaster yesterday.

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) invited Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, John Hume, Chief Executive of People’s Health Trust, and Richard Desmond, owner of The Health Lottery, to their Green Gym in Doncaster to show them the valuable work they are carrying out in the grounds of St Catherine’s Hospital.

Julie Hopes, CEO of The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), said: “The Conservation Volunteers work with over 2,000 community groups across the UK to transform their health, prospects and outdoor places for the long term, and we are thrilled that the Leader of the Labour Party could come and see our work first hand.

“We are very grateful to The People’s Health Trust and The Health Lottery for helping to fund projects such this one, and we hope that Mr Miliband has been able to see the positive impact TCV initiatives have on the individuals and communities involved.”

The Doncaster Green Gym is one of 49 TCV projects around the UK to have received a total of £1.8m from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by 51 local society lotteries through The Health Lottery.

Labour Leader, Ed Miliband MP said: "I am incredibly impressed by what I have seen here today and what The Conservation Volunteers are doing to make a real difference not just for themselves but also for the community. It is really good that we see the benefits of The Health Lottery and what it is actually doing to help an organisation like TCV to engage with volunteers and local community with funding that is additional to the core money from the NHS. I think it’s a fantastic project, and all those involved in it should be congratulated for what they are doing.”

John Hume, Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “People’s Health Trust strongly believes that it is local people joining together who can make their communities even better places. The volunteers in Doncaster are a great example of a how a small locally-led idea can become a critical social space for many isolated people and can help to ensure that their community is a fairer place in which to grow, live, work and age.”

Nigel Turner, Deputy Chair, People's Health Trust, said: "It was very special to see a project so seamlessly combining benefits to people's physical health and mental health, with the development of friendships and a sense of community. All that plus improvements to the living environment for everyone locally to enjoy."

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