Local beach brings community closer

12 November 2014

The beach is providing the ideal place for local people in Camborne, Cornwall, to meet up, play volleyball, have fun and get to know each other.

Residents of the Park an Tansys and Gwelmor estates in Camborne, Cornwall, are using funding from People’s Health Trust, with money raised by HealthPerfect through The Health Lottery, to organise weekly community activities at their local playing field and beach - from rock pooling and sea exploration, to family fun days and swimming.

Claire Arymar from Pengegon Area Collective, a residents association made up of local people from three estates in the area, said: “We live in an area where there are very few community groups and events. We wanted to unite the residents in our area and create a supportive community, encouraging a culture of respect and co-operation.

“Through the Community Beach Project, We’re running a programme of community activities that get people out of their houses doing fun activities together. We’re so lucky to have a beach on our doorstep, but despite its location, the vast majority of residents on our estate do not go to the beach or go in the sea.”

By organising activities such as kayaking, surfing, beach sports and barbeques, Pengegon Area Collective hopes that through the Community Beach Project, people will get to know each other better and the community will become stronger.

Local resident, Donna Keverne, said: “I work within the Camborne area and think the Community Beach Project is great. Families can simply enjoy each other’s company and spend time together. The activities for the young people have been an opportunity for them to experience things they may not have been able to access before, and doing it as a community it has built relationships, pride, and loyalty in the area.”

John Hume, Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “The Community Beach Project is a great idea, and it’s fantastic to see local residents organising events and activities for the community particularly on the beach which many people saw as largely inaccessible.”

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