Local Conversation helps secure access slope for residents

08 April 2021

An access slope to the Leiston Centre main doors has finally been opened after years of campaigning by Mrs Joan Keys.

The Local Conversations project in Haverhill South, which is funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery East, first supported the campaign to provide an access slope in 2020 when the issue was brought up at a forum meeting by Joan Keys.

Mrs Keys first asked for safe access to the Leiston Community Centre in 2014 then again in 2015 after her husband George had to make the ‘torturous journey’ over broken tarmac and potholes to access the rear of the building via the centre car park in a wheelchair.

The Local Conversation in Haverhill South supported Mrs Keys in taking the issue to Haverhill Town Council again, where the campaign was supported by Cllr Dave Smith, ward councillor for Haverhill South on both West Suffolk Council and the town council, who saw the installation of the ramp through to completion using his locality budget.

Cllr Smith said: “I was delighted to be able to assist in making this wonderful community asset truly accessible to all residents after hearing of the problems they faced.”

Mrs Keys said: “Now, anyone using wheels, can use and enjoy the great facilities the Community Centre has to offer.”

Local Conversations is a People’s Health Trust initiative which involves supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their community and take local action on issues that matter to them. The Local Conversation in Haverhill South, supported by Community Action Suffolk, has been listening to concerns from residents about moving around the Clements estate and aims to work alongside residents in conducting a disability access audit.

Residents interested in getting involved in the Local Conversation in Haverhill South and the disability access audit can contact Helen Cullup on 07407021514 or email [email protected].


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Local Conversations is a People’s Health Trust initiative which involves supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their community and take local action on issues that matter to them.

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