Local women lobby for change

05 March 2014

Local women from Rotherham are meeting up to share skills and knowledge, explore issues and local agendas, and lobby local government on matters such as domestic violence and cultural barriers.

This is all thanks to funding of over £21,000 from People’s Health Trust – using money raised by HealthRich through The Health Lottery. 

The women meet up through Apna Haq, an organisation working to strengthen Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) families and communities living in Rotherham.
Zlakha Ahmed, project coordinator, Apna Haq, said: “This new group is a great thing for the local area, as the women that attend all want to see change across a number of issues. Through meeting weekly and getting to know each other, these issues are being shared and talked about, which is fantastic.

“The women that come to the group are planning a conference on women’s issues, which will provide new skills and a platform for their voices to be heard locally.”

A member of the group said: “In the few weeks I’ve been involved, I have felt happy and look forward to everything that we will be doing. It has helped me to forget about problems at home and focus on something different. It gives me strength, and I know now that I have a voice in the community.”

The group is holding three-hour weekly sessions for 12 regular attendees over a period of 18 months.

John Hume, Chief Executive – People’s Health Trust, said: “Apna Haq is supporting local women to identify issues which are affecting them and then take action. Together the women support and encourage each other to become more vocal about their needs. This is fantastic idea and we’re delighted to support it.”


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