Out and about in Clapham Park

29 August 2013

Older people from the Clapham Park area will get together once a week to catch up, make plans and organise trips to different places across Great Britain, all thanks to funding of over £9,000 by People’s Health Trust – using money raised by HealthWisdom through The Health Lottery.

The investment has allowed Outings for Older South Londoners to provide days out for older residents in the Clapham Park neighbourhood of South London, helping them to feel more confident and engaged with their local community.

Stanley Davies – Project Coordinator at Outings for Older South Londoners, said: “Lambeth has a high number of older people. Surveys show that too many of them are confined to their homes and would welcome opportunities to get out and about, thereby increasing their self-esteem and improving their health and wellbeing.

“Through Outings for Older South Londoners, older people are taking action to make their lives even better – coming together to plan days out as a group to places they might not otherwise be able to visit.

“We’re so grateful for the funding, and the opportunity it has provided to help make a difference to the lives of elderly people in the area.”

John Hume – Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “We’re really happy to support Outings for Older South Londoners. It’s ideas like this that help to bring communities together and create a sense of belonging, ultimately creating a better place to grow, live, work and age well.”




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