Eastern Chatter

07 January 2016

Young women in Cardiff are getting creative and growing in confidence through Eastern Chatter – a magazine created by girls, for girls. The group has been awarded funding of £17,500 from People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthControl through The Health Lottery. We asked them to write a piece for our newsletter to explain what it’s all about:

Members of the Eastern Chatter group

“Eastern Chatter is our chance to have a say on the issues that matter to us. We write about key issues that affect young women – from bullying, to body image, with the aim of helping other girls in our community to feel more empowered and informed.

"We all love writing, and the magazine is a chance for us to develop our skills and make new friends at the same time. There is a group of 15 of us that meet weekly to decide on topics that we want to write about. We invite a range of women to be interviewed and featured in the magazine, including a journalist and fashion photographer.

"We’ve also engaged with the wider community – for example, we recently visited residents of Kenneth Treasure Court in St Mellons, which provides sheltered housing for older people in Cardiff and interviewed them about the differences between being a teenage girl when they grew up and now. It was great to meet some other people within the community and find out their stories.

"A lot of us have formed tighter friendships through the magazine. As my friend Charlotte said, “I learn how to make new and more friends” and another, Ellie, said “I’ve learnt it’s better to do things in a team… I feel like I’m in a friendship club!”

“A lot of us have ambitions of becoming journalists and this is a great step towards that. The best part, however, is feeling that we have a say about the issues that matter most to us and being able to express that through writing.”

Nikki Giant, project coordinator for Eastern Chatter said:

“It’s crucial to give girls a voice and a platform to address the issues affecting young women. This project is an excellent vehicle for not only developing girls’ skills, but improving relationships and community engagement.”

The magazine is available in print and online – you can view the latest issue here. Learn more about the Eastern Chatter project at www.Facebook.com/EasternChatter or visit www.FullCircleEducation.org

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