A Women's Workshop

08 March 2016

“Over the past two years we have been running workshops and peer mentoring sessions with local women living in East Amble, Northumberland, to support them in gaining skills and confidence, as well as encouraging them to try out new things.  We have offered workshops on a variety of activities such as creative crafts, gardening, furniture building, DIY and digital skills.

Members of the East Amble Women's Workshop group with Baroness Maddock

“As part of the project we have been running weekly workshops to involve local women in designing, building and decorating our Women’s Workshop building. In August 2015, we finally completed the workshop and launched it at a two day celebration. The building now serves as our office and is used for our workshops and activities. It’s a real asset to the community and one that local women have been heavily involved in creating.

The East Amble Women's Workshop

“Being involved in the project has helped local women to grow in confidence and play a more active role in the community. As a result, they have established the East Amble Community Action group so that they can share concerns about the local community and take action.

“Although the funding from People’s Health Trust has now come to end, the project most certainly will not. We are working hard to ensure we attract further funding to ensure the long-term continuation of the project to provide a lasting legacy for the community.”

East Amble Women’s Workshop was awarded funding of £34,820 from People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthAble through The Health Lottery. 

Read more news from the Trust here.

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