Chairman of Torbay Council Ray Hill welcomed at Doorstep @ the Acorn

08 March 2016

Young people impressed Chairman of Torbay Council Ray Hill with their dance and drama skills when he visited community project Doorstep @ the Acorn.

People’s Health Trust has invested £14,430 in Torbay-based drama group Doorstep Arts CIC – using money raised by HealthContact through The Health Lottery.

This funding has been used to support Doorstep @ the Acorn – a drama group for 11 to 13 year-olds. The group meets every Wednesday at the Acorn Community Centre in Hele, Torbay.

Members of the Doorstep Arts drama group

Doorstep @ the Acorn aims to help young people in the transition from primary to secondary school by increasing their confidence.

It gives young people the opportunity to take part in drama projects - teaching them new skills and most importantly, helping them to build new friendships with other young people in the community.

Young people in the area have welcomed the opportunity to express themselves through drama and are taking a leading role in shaping the project. 

Cllr Hill enjoyed one of the project’s outreach workshops at Barton Academy. 

Councillor Ray Hill meeting members of the Doorstep Arts drama group

Erin Walcon, Director of Doorstep Arts CIC, said: “We’re really pleased that Councillor Ray Hill was able to visit the Doorstep @ the Acorn outreach session.

“The funding we have received from People’s Health Trust has made this project possible so we are extremely grateful.”

Cllr Ray Hill said: “It’s been fantastic to see this project in action and to meet some of young the people involved. 

“I’m pleased that there are projects like this in Torbay that encourage young people to get involved in their community and helps to build their confidence.”

John Hume, Chief Executive of People’s Health Trust, said: “We’re delighted to be funding projects like Doorstep @ the Acorn that help young people have a louder voice in their local community.”

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