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07 February 2018

In this piece, we hear from Kim who runs the Reach-In Women project at Hometruths, and how it is empowering female survivors of domestic abuse in Swindon.

Hometruths - Reach-In Women in Swindon

02 October 2017

"You don't feel anything but empathy and support from the other ladies in the group... That's really important."

Picture of some of the people involved with Toothill Lunch Club

04 September 2014

For older people living in Toothill, Swindon, the lunch club at the Community Café is an important part of their social lives, but for Betty and many other members of the Lunch Club, it was proving

This is an image of a women at an event organised by Homethruths

15 November 2013

Hometruths Co-operative wanted to provide a support group for vulnerable pregnant women in Swindon.

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