Complaints about our service

We always strive to provide a consistently high level of service to all our
customers, but we understand that there may be occasions when you may not be
happy with the service you have received from us. If that is the case we would ask
you to let us know.

We will try to put things right for you at the earliest opportunity, learn from our mistakes and improve the service that we offer going forward.

What is a service complaint?

A service complaint is a complaint about the service we have provided to you, such as a complaint that:

  • we have treated you unfairly;
  • we have caused unnecessary delays;
  • we have failed to follow the proper process;
  • we have failed to communicate with you in the way that had been agreed;
  • we have failed to take action by an agreed time or update you on progress;
  • we failed to explain our processes to you properly; or an individual member of staff has spoken to you rudely.

You should put your complaint within four weeks of the last substantive contact
you have had with us regarding the matter you wish to complain about, or the date
of the incident you wish to complain about whichever is the latest. We will not
generally accept complaints raised later than this and then only in exceptional

You cannot complain about a funding decision we have made through the service
complaints process. And so, the service complaints process cannot consider any
complaints you have about:

  • our decision not to fund or only partially fund a project; or
  • our decision to fund a project.

In addition, the service complaints process cannot look at any concerns you may
have about our response to a subject access request. Any concerns you have about
that should be put to the Information Commissioner. They can be contacted on
0303 123 1113.

What will happen to your complaint?

We will contact you to clarify your complaint and investigate your concerns. We will respond to you setting out clearly: the complaint we have investigated;

  • the evidence we have relied on to make our decision;
  • our consideration of the evidence and relevant standards;
  • our decision on your complaint and the reasons for it; and
  • apologise for any poor service we have provided.

We will also share the learning from your complaint with the relevant member(s)
of staff and more widely across People's Health Trust where that is appropriate.

How do I complain about the service I have received?

Tell the person you have been dealing with

If you are not happy with our service, firstly tell the person you have been dealing
with. Usually, they will be able to resolve it for you straight away.

Stage 1 - Submit a service complaint

If the person dealing with you has not been able to resolve your concerns you can ask for it to be considered as a formal complaint. You can do so by completing our online feedback form here.

If you are unable to use the online feedback form you can submit your complaint:

  • in writing by email to;
  • in writing by post to the Executive Assistant, People’s Health 2 Bath Place Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3DR via the telephone on 020 4548 0949 but only if your complaint cannot be made in writing for example, because of a disability and you do not have an advocate or representative who can assist you in putting your complaint. If you do submit your complaint over the telephone we will take down your complaint and send it to you for confirmation.

Your complaint will usually be considered by the Line Manager with responsibility
for the service you are complaining about or a member of our Management or
Leadership Team. We aim to respond to your complaint within four weeks of
receiving it and if we are unable to do so we will let you know.

Stage 2 - Ask a member of Leadership Team to review your service complaint.

If you remain unhappy after receiving a response from the Line Manager or Management Team Member you can ask for it to be referred to a member of the Leadership Team. You will need to do so within four weeks of receiving their response and explain why you disagree with the findings of the Stage 1 complaint response with any supporting evidence.