People’s Health Trust is an independent charity funded by 51 local society lotteries and the money they raise through The Health Lottery.

The difference the real Living Wage makes

10 November 2017

Sameea Begum, 25, is a Community Advisor for Aspire & Succeed in Lozells, Birmingham.

A just wage at Justice Prince

10 November 2017

Justice Prince CIC was created in 2010, founded by two sisters Karen Clark and Julie Cruddas. They are an accredited Living Wage employer, with nine employees.

People's Health Trust's 2017 Annual Review is out now!

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09 November 2017

Local People in Control

Transition Town Forres

Transition Town Forres

09 November 2017

Residents in Forres, north-east Scotland are coming together to improve their wellbeing. The Forres Wellbeing Project offers classes to residents over 50 in the local area.

2017 survey results published

09 November 2017

Earlier in the year, People’s Health Trust commissioned its annual stakeholder survey to support quality improvements and learning.

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“We’re very grateful to People’s Health Trust for the money raised through the Society Lotteries which is enabling us to support thousands of older people.” David McCullough, Chief Executive - Royal Voluntary Service

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