People’s Health Trust is an independent charity funded by 51 local society lotteries and the good causes money they raise through The Health Lottery

People’s Health Trust celebrates fifth anniversary

14 October 2016

In the last five years, over £80million has been raised by 51 society lotteries, through The Health Lottery.

People's Health Trust's Local People partners celebrating the Trust's fifth anniversary at the House of Commons

TCV celebrates five-year partnership with People's Health Trust

14 October 2016

TCV’s partnership with People’s Health Trust began in 2011.

Asian Resource Centre Croydon, funded by People's Health Trust, celebrate with cake.

Celebrating five years

06 October 2016

The Trust has been supporting local residents to make their communities an even better place to live.

Sir David Attenborough's 90th birthday

06 October 2016

Sir David Attenborough celebrated his 90th birthday earlier this year.

Green Synergy

06 October 2016

Harvest goers experienced how harvest is celebrated around the world, including the Keralan Hindu Harvest Festival ‘Onam’ and the Polish Harvest Festival ‘Dozynki’.

£82 million Raised
Over 2,300
supported by People's Health Trust
Helping over 400,000 People grow, live, work and age
Great ideas supported in
hundreds of
Towns, Cities & Villages

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"We’re very grateful to People’s Health Trust for the money raised through the Society Lotteries which is enabling us to support thousands of older people." David McCullough, Chief Executive - Royal Voluntary Service

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