Local Conversation Programme members
Local Conversation Programme members

Peoples Health Trust networks

Every organisation we fund has an opportunity to join one of our networks. The networks have two core aims:

  • to support funded organisations to build connections with other organisations and provide mutual expertise and support
  • to listen to the experience and expertise of community groups so that together we can address the things which affect health in communities in England, Scotland and Wales.

We are in touch with our networks regularly via shared online spaces but we also have regular virtual and in-person meetings.

During the pandemic we increased our online network meet up spaces and the networks have provided an important support space for funded projects, as well as providing us with valuable insights about what is happening on the ground and how our funded partners are responding to the needs of their residents. This has enabled us to be more flexible in our approach and respond to the changing needs of our funded partners. The networks have also been critical in uncovering important issues on which the Trust can focus.

Our thriving network is designed to help connect our funded projects together who are taking a distinct approach to reducing health inequalities. Through network days, online meet ups and Facebook groups, the network enables our partners to exchange skills, and knowledge so they can effectively support local people in driving change.

We also use formal and informal learning from our network to support change at a local and national level through advocacy, campaigning and research.

If you are a funded partner and would like to join our network, or if you are just interested in talking to us about opportunities to engage with our networks, get in touch with us by contacting, [email protected]