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Now, as disadvantaged neighbourhoods face greater challenges than ever before, we must do more and we need your help.

You can support us by donating directly or playing The Health Lottery.


You can help us with a regular or a one-off donation.

  • £5 funds one person to take part in activities for two weeks, which will prevent them feeling isolated. Even a few hours of taking part can significantly improve people’s health and wellbeing. 
  • ·£10 funds one person to take part in community activities for a month, building their social connections and preventing isolation. Social isolation has been shown to have the same health risk as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, so connecting with our communities has a huge positive impact on health and wellbeing.  
  • ·£60 funds one person to take part in community activities for six months and help them to make new friends and feel a part of the community. People without any real social connections have a 1.5 times higher likelihood of dying than people with them. Regular involvement in a group activity and the growth of strong social connections are vital for a long and healthy life.  

Learn more about donating to the Trust, the projects we work with, and how they are adapting during the pandemic. Thank you for your support.


2. Play The Health Lottery

Have the chance to win whilst helping support local community projects.

So far, players of The Health Lottery have helped to raise more than £115 million for local good causes.  

This is an incredible amount of money, and it’s meant that we’ve been able to invest in over 3,000 local projects across Great Britain, helping over 559,000 people.

By playing The Health Lottery, you can help us to support even more people!

Play now for just £1 for your chance to win big and help support local community projects.

The Health Lottery runs five weekly draws, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, giving you the chance to win big and support local health causes.


You have already completed an application for funding, are you sure you would like to submit another application? You should only submit another application if it is for a different project. If you want to amend an application that has already been submitted, please call us on 020 7749 9100.

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