Our three year strategy

Events of 2020 have led us to revisit our three year strategy (2019-2022) and ensure it will be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

Our focus remains on ensuring that where you live does not unfairly reduce the length of your life or the quality of your health. We know that inequalities were hiding in plain sight but are increasingly visible: health inequalities within and between communities in Great Britain have widened in the last ten years and have reversed for some; there are loud calls to end structural racism; hate crime continues to rise and we are seeing the disproportionate impact that COVID-19 is having on people who experience socio-economic disadvantage.

We know things can be better. Now is the time to stand up and call for better: for better housing; better green space; an economy that works for all; for better jobs and greater income security.

We know that local people have clear ideas of what needs to happen to make where they live a better place. We will continue to invest in neighbourhoods and communities, placing their decision-making at the heart of what we do.

If we are to see real system change, we need to work together. Therefore we will continue to develop strong partnership and alliances with a range of bodies which seek a better, more secure future.

Objective 1

Investing in organisations, skills and spaces to better enable local organisations to act on the social and economic causes of health inequalities

We will be partnering with organisations who are taking action on the social determinants of health, supporting funded partners to have all of the skills and confidence needed to effectively act on the social determinants of health, and we will provide funded partners with safe spaces to share practice, learn and pass on their knowledge.

Objective 2

To develop strong external partnerships and establish ways of working together to act on the real causes of health inequalities

We will be commissioning new and synthesising existing evidence and research, supporting action which leads to change in addressing the social determinants of health locally and nationally and we will be raising awareness of the real causes of health inequalities locally and nationally.

Objective 3

Ensure the Trust is in good health, capable of supporting its vision and objectives.

We will be working to increase and diversify our income. We commit to having a board of trustees and staff which reflect the communities we serve.