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15 February 2021

In this blog we hear from Holly Beattie, the Trust's Media and Communications Officer, on the impact removing the £20 uplift on Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit would have

Older person using a tablet device to play a card game

04 February 2021

Throughout this pandemic, COVID-19 has shone a light on the growing issues of digital inclusion/exclusion in the UK.

06 January 2021

In this blog, we hear from Daniel Pearmain, the Trust’s Policy and Research Manager on how the community finance sector are seeking to bridge gaps in provision and work with some of t

06 January 2021


29 October 2020

In this blog to mark the end of Black History Month, we hear from the Trust’s Network and Communications Officer, Peter, on how racial inequalities have created disparities in the hea

07 October 2020

Play Bradford (formerly Eccleshill Adventure Playground), is funded by the Trust through the Active Communities funding programme and has an overall aim to improve the lives of children and

21 May 2020

Mental ill health can affect anyone, but those experiencing wider disadvantage are most likely to be deeply affected.


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