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05 January 2022

Located on Kent’s south coast, Folkestone’s creative quarter is a popular place for people to get creative but it hasn’t always been accessible to everyone due to the geog

05 January 2022

LEEP1 is an organisation supporting adults with learning disabilities in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

06 December 2021

Aaina Community Hub was set up 21 years ago as a dedicated support service for women from marginalised communities in Walsall.

08 November 2021

The places we live have a huge impact on our health. It’s important for people to have equal access to green spaces, shops, and services.

08 November 2021

In the UK, 31 per cent of families with at least one disabled person are in poverty after housing costs, compared with 18 per cent of those without a disabled family member.

08 November 2021

Having strong social connections in your local area is an important first step in tackling inequalities and advocating for change.

04 November 2021

Having greater power over the decisions that impact us helps to improve our lives and health outcomes.


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