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02 September 2020

Café Chat is a project based in The Isle of Skye, Scotland, which aims to improve and expand on existing services for adults with mental health needs to offer practical, social and emotiona

Reform Radio, funded by People's Health Trust

07 November 2019

Education, skills and good work are all factors which have a big impact on our health.

Pakistan Association Huddersfield, funded by People's Health Trust

07 November 2019

It’s often presumed that South Asian people look after and live with their elderly relatives.

Local Conversation in Merstham

07 November 2019

In Surrey, there are small pockets of disadvantage which are hidden by relative affluence around it. Even within Merstham itself there is vast inequality.

Food & Education Enterprise CIC, funded by People's Health Trust

07 November 2019

Coming to Great Britain as a refugee or asylum seeker can be an incredibly isolating experience.

EFA London, funded by People's Health Trust

07 November 2019

Migration places people in situations which affect their health, including living and working conditions, language barriers and access to good quality housing.

06 November 2019

“We’ve been really affected here by cuts to services, including to youth services.


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