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05 August 2021

The Heart of Portsmouth Amateur Boxing Club provides a pathway for people in their neighbourhood to progress in their own journey, whether that be building confidence, becoming a coach or p

06 May 2021

The Surrey Care Trust has been supporting the Local Conversation in the village of Stanwell, Surrey, since 2016.

07 October 2020

Our local surroundings can have a big impact on our health and disabled people often face barriers to using local spaces because many buildings, events and day to day processes are still in

Local Conversation in Merstham

07 November 2019

In Surrey, there are small pockets of disadvantage which are hidden by relative affluence around it. Even within Merstham itself there is vast inequality.

A Local Conversation in Merstham - Repair Café

06 December 2018

The Local Conversation in Merstham is a lot of things. It is a space for people to get together and make friends.

Disability Pride Brighton, funded by People's Health Trust

01 November 2018

“I posted about it on Facebook and I was overwhelmed by the response. It was shared millions of times in the end with many people telling similar stories of discrimination.

Local People project in Milton Keynes, HealthStong CIC

07 June 2018

The Local People project in Milton Keynes is supporting residents to build on their strong sense of community and take action on issue that matter to them.


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