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03 June 2021

Artistic Spectrum was set up to tackle social isolation experienced by individuals on the autistic spectrum or with learning difficulties.

08 April 2021

Stainforth Outdoor Activity Project facilitates outdoors activities for people of all ages in the Stainforth area of Doncaster.

Participants of the Our Roots Inner City Lives Programme

04 February 2021

‘Our Roots in the Community’ is a two-year project providing social, recreational, educational, cultural and volunteering opportunities for children and young people from migran

07 October 2020

Locally-owned shops where people can buy affordable, healthy food and keep local wealth more equitably within communities is integral to addressing health inequalities.

Pakistan Association Huddersfield, funded by People's Health Trust

07 November 2019

It’s often presumed that South Asian people look after and live with their elderly relatives.

Out of Character, funded by People's Health Trust

01 November 2018

“Some of us have been part of Out of Character for quite a few years now and we have really enjoyed being involved with InHospitable, our new theatre show.

East Thirsk Community Association

04 October 2018

“The project has created a stronger sense of community which is changing how parents feel and their daily social interactions when out and about in town.”


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