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06 May 2021

When the Lee Gardens Pool Committee started their community project in 2015, some people in the small Welsh village of Penrhiwceiber were unconvinced that they would be able to reopen the local chi

06 May 2021

Race Equality First (REF) was established in 1976 the same year that new legislation under the Race Relations Act was introduced.

07 October 2020

During lockdown, Wales saw the largest increase in economic inactivity in the whole of the UK, with a 2.3% increase[1] and almost 20,000 busine

06 November 2019

“We’ve been really affected here by cuts to services, including to youth services.

African Community Centre in Swansea funded by People's Health Trust with money raised by Health Lottery Wales

07 February 2019

“To know I am not the only person experiencing these feelings, different problems, but here you find people have the same feelings about life.”

Penparcau Community Forum, funded by People's Health Trust

31 October 2018

“For the last three years, we have been creating floats and joining Aberystwyth Town Council’s Carnival. Last year, there were only four floats and three of them were ours.

African Community Centre - Pamoja

26 April 2018

This project is managed by the African Community Centre, which was established in October 2004 to support the growing number of African and African Caribbean people living in Swansea.


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