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08 July 2021

Time Out runs the Route 23 project which is funded through People’s Health Trust’s Active Communities programme using money raised by Health Lottery London East.

03 June 2021

For learning disabled people, feelings of isolation and lack of control over access to resources can be heightened due to social and systemic barriers.

The Engine Shed, funded by People's Health Trust

06 November 2019

Research from the National Autistic Society shows that people with autism are four times more likely to feel isolated than members of the general public.

01 November 2018

“It is a friendly atmosphere for people to meet others with shared experiences.

Horizon Church Sutton

02 October 2017

"We are using all we have learnt through running the Horizon Hub and are now targeting support for the whole family."

Third Age Project - Making Connections

02 October 2017

Third Age is a membership organisation that offers a huge selection of activities in North London to bring together local residents aged 60 and over.

Creative Futures

29 September 2017

"It's not just about the children, it's about the parents getting to know each other, feeling welcome and looked after."


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