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05 July 2018

Valerie got involved with the Local People project in Boston, which has been running since 2015, after attending local IT sessions.

Green Synergy in Lincoln, funded by People's Health Trust.

08 June 2017

Community gardening and horticultural therapy have been helping people to improve their lives.

13 October 2016

Our project started with an engagement phase, so we really understood what was needed locally.

Centrepoint Outreach, funded by People's Health Trust.

08 September 2016

Homeless people in Boston, Lincolnshire are meeting regularly to learn new skills and make friends at a furniture renovation project.

Picture from Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative

06 November 2014

Young people from Gainsborough are shaping their futures as important members of the community with the support of Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative.

This is an image children from St Mary’s Primary School taking part in Food For Thought through Discover Volunteering

18 November 2013

Discover Volunteering promotes and supports face-to-face and socially interactive volunteering opportunities throughout Lincolnshire, Peterborough and Rutland.

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