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Connecting Communities - funded by People's Health Trust

13 October 2016

“Our Connecting Communities project was all about engaging and empowering young people and their communities by taking part in regular and fun activities.

Local Conversations in Ten Streets, Blackpool - funded by People's Health Trust . Image copyright - Blackpool Gazette

13 October 2016

“We started our Local Conversation in Ten Streets, Claremont, by asking people what they wanted for their neighbourhood, to help us shape the project.

Cymunedau’n Gyntaf Mon Communities First - funded by People's Health Trust

13 October 2016

“Local residents have been talking about having a youth café for several years and, through the Local Conversation project, we’ve finally been able to make it happen.

13 October 2016

Our project started with an engagement phase, so we really understood what was needed locally.

Baddow Hall Pump Track - helping to shape residents' plans for their own BMX pump track - funded by People's Health Trust

13 October 2016

“We want all residents to be involved with our Local Conversation project, so when we first started, the Haverhill South People’s Forum spoke to the wider community to see what they wan

Spiral Arts - funded by People's Health Trust

06 October 2016

From owl displays to a tug of war, there was plenty of fun to be had at Lark in the Park on Derby Arboretum.

Centrepoint Outreach, funded by People's Health Trust.

08 September 2016

Homeless people in Boston, Lincolnshire are meeting regularly to learn new skills and make friends at a furniture renovation project.


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