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18 November 2013

People’s Health Trust enabled The Conservation Trust to launch a Green Gym in East Riding.

This is an image of a resident of Claremont

15 November 2013

“We’re constantly looking at ways to deal with problems we face on a daily basis.”

This is an image of a women at an event organised by Homethruths

15 November 2013

Hometruths Co-operative wanted to provide a support group for vulnerable pregnant women in Swindon.

This is an image of a lady that the Women’s Voluntary Service has supported

15 November 2013

Originally set up as the Women’s Voluntary Service in 1938, the charity played a crucial role during the Second World War.

This is an image of a group of young people at the Dollis Valley community mobile skate park

15 November 2013

Using their community base The Rainbow Centre as a focal point for action, Barnet Community Projects work with local residents supporting them to find ways to make their community even better.

This is an image of members of Art Adventures taking a workshop

15 November 2013

Art Adventures provides children a place to go whilst a local housing estate is being redeveloped over a 6 year programme.

This is an image of girl during a Sustrans Project event

15 November 2013

A recent survey found that over half of all parents said that dangerous roads were the main reason they didn’t feel able to let their children either play outside unsupervised or walk or cycl


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