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Fundable region:

Search for open funding by postcode or local authority

Start by seeing if we are open for funding in your area. You can search by the postcode or local authority of the area where your project will take place. To search by local authority, start typing and then select the local authority from the list. You can also view our opening timetable here.

Great we're open in your area.

Is your project going to take place in one or more of the areas highlighted in pink on the map below?

Type of project:

Select type of project

We have two types of Active Communities project. In order to proceed with your application we need to know what type of project you will be submitting. Read the description below, and if you are still not sure, watch the video to help you decide, or contact us.

Check eligibility

Check eligibility

In order to apply to Active Communities, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria.

Are you a not-for-profit organisation or group?
Do you have unrestricted reserves (savings) of less than six months of your yearly expenditure, after deducting the amount you are thinking of requesting from the Trust?
Has your organisation or group been constituted for at least three months?
Is your total income less than £350K or an average of £350K over two years? Or, if you are a new organisation and do not yet have a full year of accounts, is your projected yearly income less than £350K?
Your details:

Add your contact details

Neighbourhood zones:

Add your fundable neighbourhoods

Tell us where the people involved in your project live. Select the specific fundable neighbourhoods by clicking on the map and add them to your application. You must select at least one. It is essential that at least 80% of your participants come from fundable neighbourhoods.

Your selected areas will appear here
    Project details:

    Tell us about your project

    5a. Will there be a core group of the same people coming together at least once a month for at least one year? It’s a key criteria of the Active Communities programme that the same group of people are meeting regularly.

    Thank you for your application

    Thank you for your application. We have emailed you a copy of your form. We will be in touch within 10 working days after the deadline to let you know if you have got through to Stage 2.

    If you do not receive a email copy of your application, (do check your spam folder) please contact us before the application deadline and include the date and time that you submitted your application.

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