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  • Caribbean and African Health Network - 'Tenants don't get what they deserve'


    In our next piece, Augustina explains how council enforcement of housing standards forced her landlord to act on repairs. Read more about People’s Health Trust’s Homes for Health campaign.

  • Homes for Health launches


    People’s Health Trust announces £1 million programme supporting ten projects across England, Scotland and Wales. Today, 16 November, People’s Health Trust announces the launch of its Homes for Health programme…

  • New funding to address ill health caused by housing conditions.


    5 . Quotes from all funded organisations ACORN Joe Kiggins, Development Officer at ACORN, said: Being part of the Homes for Health programme will help us continue our work fighting…

  • Housing


    To read more on research on homes and health, click the links below. Fuel Poverty, Cold Homes and Health Inequalities in the UK. A report by the Institute of Health…