Step by step guide

1. Access your stage two application form

Log in to our online portal with the account you created during stage one and click on the link to the application form. You can download the questions for reference but your application should be submitted via the online portal.

2. Arrange a support call with the Trust

We encourage you to call us so we can give you further support and advice about developing your application. You can contact us on 020 4548 0939 or email us at to arrange a phone or video call. Please get in touch if you require any additional support.

3. Complete all parts of the online application form.

The stage two application must build further on the idea that you described in your stage one application. You can add to this, but the idea must be broadly the same. If you need to change something significant, please contact us to discuss this.

Refer back to the Nature for Health application guidance to make sure your responses meet our criteria, and if applicable, respond to the feedback in your invitation email.

You can save your in-progress stage two application at any point and resume working on it by logging back into your account.

4. Complete and upload your budget

Use our budget template to complete the budget for your project and upload it to section four of the application form. Please refer to the full guidance about costs in the application form and at the top of the budget template.

5. Upload your governing document and accounts

We need a copy of your full governing document and your most recent published annual accounts. These documents should be uploaded in section six of the application from.

6. Save and submit your application by Friday 10 May 2024.

When you have finished your application press the ‘submit’ button. This must be done before 1pm on Friday 10 May 2024.

You will receive an automated email with a copy of your application and confirmation that it has been submitted. Please be aware that these emails may be redirected to your spam folder.

7. Queries

After completing your stage two application our team will assess it. We may have some more questions for you to clarify parts of your application so look out for an email or call in the last two weeks of May.

8. Decision in July

The Trust panel will consider all the Nature for Health applications in June and there are three possible outcomes: funding approved (in full or for a reduced amount), rejection with feedback, or deferral to find out more about your project.

You will receive a decision by email in the beginning of July 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 4548 0939 or email us at