About this map

The Trust’s primary focus is on people facing financial and social disadvantage. This is often also referred to socio-economic disadvantage. We will usually ask applicants to demonstrate how their funded activity will reach these groups of people. Our map shows places in the most disadvantaged 30% of neighbourhoods across England, Scotland and Wales according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD).

How to use the map

You can use this map as part of your application by telling us that the place you plan to work are within the 30% most disadvantaged, according to the IMD. You should also feel able to include additional national and/or local evidence that may be more relevant in demonstrating financial and social disadvantage within your proposed participant group.

Current Active Communities funded partners can also use the map as part of their reporting.

You can search by postcode or local authority.

Click on the area in pink to see the code. Then click 'temporary save' to add your selections to your screen. The selected area shows in green.

You can click 'x' to remove a neighbourhood code from your screen.

When you refresh your browser, your searches won't save.

If you have any problems or feedback, please contact enquiries@peopleshealthtrust.org.uk