07 October 2020

Play Bradford (formerly Eccleshill Adventure Playground), is funded by the Trust through the Active Communities funding programme and has an overall aim to improve the lives of children and

21 May 2020

Mental ill health can affect anyone, but those experiencing wider disadvantage are most likely to be deeply affected.

07 May 2020

When people have more control over decisions and actions that affect their lives, they have a better chance of improving and maintaining their health.

07 May 2020


In this blog, John Hume discusses our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

31 March 2020

In this blog, John Hume discusses why supporting local charities to continue delivering their vital services is so integral during this time.

27 February 2020

In this blog, John Hume discusses the Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 Years On report and how the Trust has helped build the practical evidence on h

14 February 2020

The Royal Voluntary Service support six Local People projects across England and Scotland funded by People’s Health Trust as part of our Local People programme.


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