Members of Culloden Youth Forum meet Maree Todd MSP

05 January 2017

The Local People programme takes a neighbourhood approach, engaging local people and empowering them to address wider issues in the community.  Rachael, the 17-year old Vice-Chair of C

Juliette Hough, Associate Researcher at New Economics Foundation, working in partnership with People's Health Trust.

03 November 2016

In this piece, Juliette Hough, Associate Researcher at New Economics Foundation, discusses control and what it means to local communities.

03 November 2016

This piece is a celebration not just of our work, but of all of the great work which is taking place in neighbourhoods throughout Great Britain today. 

Asian Resource Centre Croydon, funded by People's Health Trust, celebrate with cake.

06 October 2016

As People’s Health Trust approaches its fifth anniversary this month, we reflect on all that we have achieved over the last five years.

Penparcau Community Forum, funded by People's Health Trust.

08 September 2016

Meet Dave. Yes, Dave is a dinosaur. More importantly, he’s our dinosaur. The result of months of perseverance, effort and hard work from the fantastic community that I live in.

People's Health Trust celebrates five years of funding at the heart of local communities

04 August 2016

Mia West of King's Lynn Local People project, funded by People's Health Trust

07 July 2016

Mia West is a member of the King's Lynn Local People project, supported by disability charity Scope and funded by People's Health Trust.  


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