Brighton and Hove's first pan-disability choir - funded by People's Health Trust

05 May 2016

"It's a really friendly en

Local Conversation in Netherfield - funded by People's Health Trust

05 May 2016

05 May 2016

“During the Local Conversation engagement process, one of the issues that came over quite

Members of the Longbenton Local Conversation

07 April 2016

One of our Local Conversations partners, Justice Prince, has recently been named in the Fortuna 50 – an index of the UK’s fastest growing women-led small businesses, initiated by Downin

Launch of Edberts House new centre

09 March 2016

Sarah Gorman, Project Director of the Local Conversation on the Old Fold and Nest Estates, Gateshead, looks at the significance of having a community space and what it means for the project going f

KeyChanges: Unlocking Women's Potential founder

18 February 2016

This blog from Michelle Nicholson provides an interesting perspective o

Photo of Dr Jessica Allen, Institute of Health Equity

04 February 2016

In 2014 it was reported that more than a million older people in the


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