Geetha Rabindrakumar, Big Society Capital

05 April 2017

Funding and sustainability are never far from the minds of people running charities and community organisations large and small.

Local People in Kingston - supported by People's Health Trust

25 March 2017

Maia is the Project Officer for the Local People project in Kingston, supported by the charity Sustrans and funded by People's Health Trust. 

Sarah Gorman speaking at the opening of Pattinson House in Gateshead

09 March 2017

For the last two years, residents on the Old Fold and Nest estates in Gateshead have been involved in a Local Conversation project, supported by local community group Edberts House.

09 March 2017

I recently spent time with a group of committed NHS professionals who were grappling with the very real problem of health prevention.

Dr Eva Elliott, Trustee for Wales at People's Health Trust

05 January 2017

Dr Eva Elliott, Trustee for Wales at People’s Health Trust, discusses the changes around Communities First in Wales with Professor Emma Renold and Professor Gareth Williams.

Members of Culloden Youth Forum meet Maree Todd MSP

05 January 2017

The Local People programme takes a neighbourhood approach, engaging local people and empowering them to address wider issues in the community.  Rachael, the 17-year old Vice-Chair of C

03 November 2016

This piece is a celebration not just of our work, but of all of the great work which is taking place in neighbourhoods throughout Great Britain today. 


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