Lancashire Lions

07 June 2018

Lancashire Lions Visually Impaired Sports Club is a community cricket club providing sporting and recreational opportunities for people who are either blind or partia

Sam from the Penparcau Local Conversation

05 April 2018

“This was my first ever time volunteering.
Living Wage Foundation

05 April 2018

For many, it is the difference between surviving and living, and it remains a prevalent issue. 

09 March 2018

Not only does community cohesion sit at the heart of what makes a vibrant, strong and safe community, it also plays a part in individual health and wellbeing.

08 February 2018

This month marks 100 years since women were first given the right to vote.

Local People in Southend, supported by Scope

08 February 2018

Steven DeViell has been involved with the Local People project in Southend from the very beginning.

07 February 2018

The reputation of an area can affect just about everything from house prices and investment to the pride of local residents who live there.


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