Today, Tuesday 30 June, the Living Wage Foundation, supported by People’s Health Trust, is launching the Living Wage Friendly Funder scheme, to help end low pay in the Voluntary and Community Sector.

As part of their commitment to be a Living Wage Friendly Funder, funding organisations will support applicant charities to pay the Living Wage to any grant-funded staff posts. Living Wage Friendly Funders will themselves have to be Living Wage employers and then, where possible, encourage grantees to become accredited employers over time.

The new scheme was made possible through the support of People’s Health Trust, and developed in collaboration with a range of other established funders including Trust for London; Barrow Cadbury Trust; Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Comic Relief, all of whom are themselves accredited Living Wage employers, and from today, Living Wage Friendly Funders.

John Hume, chief executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “Working with thousands of charities across Great Britain we are uniquely placed to support the take up of the Living Wage in the voluntary and community sector. We want to see the Living Wage become the norm, and believe that where organisations can pay it, they should.

“We want the voluntary sector to lead the way by putting our values into practice and using our influence for good, that’s where the Living Wage Friendly Funder scheme comes in. Today, we are, alongside Comic Relief, Trust for London, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Barrow Cadbury Trust, pleased to announce that we are Living Wage Friendly Funders.

“A career in the voluntary and community sector should not mean accepting low pay; salaries that equal at least the Living Wage are just one way that together we can attract, retain and develop good staff in this sector, as well as impacting positively on millions of people.”

Hundreds of charities and funders have already embraced the Living Wage across the UK, but low pay remains a real challenge across the sector.

Rhys Moore, director, Living Wage Foundation said: “We are delighted to be able to announce the launch of the Living Wage Friendly Funder scheme today. At a time when half of those in poverty live in a household where someone has a job, the Living Wage is much needed by families across the UK.

“Many organisations in the voluntary and community sectors are working hard to tackle social injustice and poverty; it’s only right that those committed to these roles are afforded at least a Living Wage.

“The Living Wage is a robust calculation that reflects the real cost of living, rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay.”

The Living Wage Foundation, together with the funders announcing their commitment to the scheme today, will be working with a number of other high profile funders and grant-makers over the coming months to extend the scheme, and support more charities to create Living Wage roles.



Austin Taylor-Laybourn, Grants Manager, Trust for London said: “Trust for London has supported the development of the Living Wage Foundation and the Living Wage campaign since its inception. We have an important role to play in raising awareness of the benefits of the Living Wage and are dedicated to supporting and encouraging other funders to follow our lead through the Living Wage Friendly Funders scheme.”

Harry Cayton, Trustee, Comic Relief said: “Comic Relief’s vision is a just world free from poverty so it is only right that we are committed to a Living Wage – both as an employer, but critically, as a funder. Seeing funders working together to ensure the organisations we support can pay a Living Wage is enormously positive. It's quite simply right that Comic Relief should be part of this important initiative.”

Debbie Pippard, Head of Programme, Barrow Cadbury Trust said: “The Barrow Cadbury Trust is a social justice organisation that uses all its resources - grants, investments, people and influence - to bring about change. We see the Living Wage as an important means of reducing poverty and inequality. “Through making small changes to our own processes, policies and activities and being a Living Wage Friendly Funder we hope to accelerate the movement towards decent incomes for all.”

Shaun Rafferty, Chief Operating Officer of Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said: “We work for a prosperous and poverty free UK. Being a Living Wage Friendly Funder supports our commitment to help tackle in-work poverty.”