People’s Health Trust is pleased to announce that New Economics Foundation (NEF) will be leading the four-year evaluation of its Local Conversations programme.

People’s Health Trust is currently funding 23 Local Conversation projects across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Trust believes that giving local communities greater control over what happens in their neighbourhood is key to creating new and stronger relationships, improving confidence and a greater sense of belonging - which all impact on a person’s wellbeing.

The Local Conversations programme aims to do this by using a long-term place-based investment approach.

The programme aims to give people who live in disadvantaged neighbourhoods a real say over how funding is spent in their area. It is a flexible funding model designed to give local people control over making their neighbourhoods better places to live.

NEF worked with the Trust to develop its theory of change for Local Conversations, which outlines how the programme aims to contribute to the reduction in health inequalities.

People’s Health Trust has now committed to a four-year evaluation of the Local Conversations programme - and is pleased to announce that NEF will be carrying this out.

This evaluation will sit within a wider body of research that will help the Trust to evidence its impact, learn about how it can develop its programmes and improve internal knowledge sharing.

A wealth of learning will come from this piece of work to support the development of the programme and enhance its impact.

The evaluation will also contribute to the wider evidence base of the Trust’s impact in addressing the social determinants of health and subsequent changes in health inequalities.

NEF has closely followed the development of the Local Conversations programme and warmly supports its aims and ambitions.

John Hume, Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “We are excited to be working with NEF which has such a good understanding of the importance of upstream approaches towards addressing health inequalities. Their core values resonate strongly with the aims and ambitions of the Trust.

“We want local people to be involved and empowered by this piece of work. NEF’s evaluation proposal is in line with our resident-led approach, while supporting us to deliver robust evidence that will deepen our understanding of the programme.”


Media contacts

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Notes for editors:

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) is an independent think tank that specialises in innovative economic thinking.

People’s Health Trust is an independent charity addressing health inequalities across Great Britain. It works closely with each Community Interest Company distributing grants.

The Health Lottery is operated for and on behalf of 51 Community Interest Companies across England, Scotland and Wales, all holding society lottery licenses issued by the Gambling Commission.

The Local Conversations programme is a neighbourhood-led initiative developed by People’s Health Trust. The Trust requires local organisations to support local people to take control of the design, development and delivery of the local initiatives.