Môn CF Local Conversations Officer and Virginia Crosby MP in Holyhead Wales

Mental health and wellbeing have become a significant issue for many people across the UK since lockdown restrictions started in March last year. Residents in Holyhead Wales have reported that they have experienced increased social isolation and anxiety brought on by the pandemic, which in turn has impacted their health.

For some the anxiety, uncertainty and isolation brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic may have been their first real encounter with mental health problems. Others who have lived with a mental health condition previously have found their symptoms exacerbated by the pandemic.

The Local Conversation in Holyhead supported by Mon CF Anglesey are teaming up with their local MP, Virginia Crosbie to launch a campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues. The Mental Health 100 campaign will aim to provide mental health support training to 100 people on the island, equipping them with the skills to identify potential signs of mental ill health to support both themselves and others.

The campaign will be officially launched in a mental health support leaflet, signed by Virginia Crosbie MP which will be distributed to every home on Anglesey later this month. The training will be entirely online and is accredited by First Aid Awards Ltd (FAA) and requires five hours of study time. With the help of Virginia Crosbie MP, the Local Conversation in Holyhead has been able to secure a number of sponsored places to allow people on Anglesey to take the course free of charge.

James Morgan, the Local Conversations Officer at Môn CF said: “We are delighted to be working with Virginia on this important project. Mental health training helps people to recognise the signs of mental distress in themselves and others and gives them the tools to handle crises and intervene before a problem becomes an emergency. This training can truly save lives”.

Since the lockdowns in March and December 2020, the Local Conversation in Holyhead has worked incredibly hard in providing support for residents through their mental health drop-ins. The group were also successful in securing a plot from the Town Council for an allotment, which provides the group with a safe outdoor space to meet (perfect for social distancing) and somewhere to be able to walk, as well as providing a space for residents to learn new skills.

The Local Conversation in Holyhead, Anglesey is supported by Mon CF and funded by People’s Health Trust.