Our community manifesto for health justice publishes today

Today we launch our Community Manifesto for Health Justice. In it, we set out priorities for the next government to address health inequalities. These have been developed alongside our network of grassroots community organisations and the people they support, and reflect the need to improve the essential building blocks of health.

The manifesto covers five key priority areas. These are:

  • Achieving safe and decent homes which improve health and prevent long-term harm
  • Ensuring everyone has adequate resources to meet the basic costs required to keep them healthy
  • Supporting improved health through access to good quality work and training
  • Investing in community assets to combat isolation and improve rights for greater local power sharing
  • Introducing cross-government responsibility for addressing health inequalities, including the introduction of a health inequalities strategy.

Under each of these priorities, we have worked with our funded partners to develop nine practical and impactful recommendations to improve health. These solutions will help to address Britain’s deepening health inequalities crisis.

This document represents more than a manifesto for change: it is a call for systemic improvements, driven by people with first-hand experience, in areas of everyday life such as the quality of our homes, our jobs and our safety nets. If left unchanged, we know these factors have catastrophic health consequences. The good news is that by acting on these important priorities, our new government could play a leading role in preventing entirely avoidable ill-health and early death for millions of people across the UK.”

John Hume

Chief Executive, People's Health Trust

Read the manifesto.

By adopting the policy recommendations in this manifesto, the next government has the opportunity to set the UK on a path to better health, stronger communities, and a brighter economic future.

We will be working with our partners and network to promote the findings and recommendations to all political parties with a view to securing commitments in political manifestos for an upcoming general election. We want to talk to you about how we start making this happen. Speak to us, learn more from our funded partners, join our campaign.