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The People’s Health Trust’s podcast is a place where we talk all things health inequalities, so that we can create fairer places in which to grow, live, work and age. In the second episode, Sophia, the Trust’s Media and Communications Officer, sits down with Daniel Pearmain, the Trust’s Evaluation and Learning Manager to discuss the new Local People Report.

The Local People Programme is one of the trust’s longest term funding programme, which has worked in partnership with national charities including Scope, Royal Voluntary Service, Youth Sport Trust and The Conservation Volunteers. The programme aims to support improved health outcomes by enabling local people to have genuine control over the design, delivery and evaluation of interventions which address the wider social determinants of health inequalities. The Trust has published a new evaluation report on the Trust's Local People programme between 2018 -2019. Sophia and Daniel speak about the history of the Local People programme, the aims and goals of programme, what we can learn from the evaluation and the next steps for the project and the local communities involved.

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