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Towards the end of last year, People’s Health Trust commissioned its annual stakeholder survey to hear your views about how we're doing in all areas of our work.

Thank you to everyone who took part for their feedback. The results of the survey will help us to continue to improve what we do and how we do it, and support our objective to be the best organisation we can be.

Here are the findings.

We asked you what you thought about our website.

• 96% agreed that it is easy to find the information required on the website (99% last year).

We asked you how clearly we communicate what we do.

• Almost all of you (96%) felt that the Trust communicates what it does clearly. This is comparable to last year.

• 92% of people felt that we explain our approach to health inequalities clearly, the same as last year.

We asked you about our customer service.

• The majority of people felt that our responses to you were helpful (81%).

We asked you what you thought of the funding application process.

• Most of you (79%) found the application process easy to some extent or to a large extent. This is lower than last year (89%).

• 88% of you feel that the amount of information requested is appropriate to some or to a large extent. This is lower than last year (95%)

• 88% of you feel that the decision timescale on Active Communities is reasonable, which is comparable to last year.

We asked you what you thought about our grant management processes.

• 87% of you feel monitoring is proportionate, to a large extent or to some extent, which is comparable to last year (89%).

• 92% of you agree that grant payments are made efficiently to some extent or a large extent. This is comparable to last year (95%).

Overall, levels of customer satisfaction are high and broadly comparable to last year, with respondents valuing the Trust’s accessibility, support and overall approach. Networking and training events received particularly positive comments.

We are aware that there are some usability issues with the maps on our website which we will be addressing this year. As part of our new strategy we will ask our funded partners for nothing more than we need in relation to compliance and progress reports.

We received some very positive feedback from funded groups demonstrating the impact of our funding:

“The funding received is amazing, it has enabled women to come together within a safe space, where they have collective control about how each session is run, being able to build their confidence in taking a lead, finding and building friendships and community links; massively improving their mental health and well being.”

Thank you to everybody who took part in the survey, and congratulations to The Zone Youth Club Broadstairs who won our free prize draw.

Find out more about our plans for 2020 and beyond in our new strategy.

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