Bridgend Farmhouse is a community owned and run charitable organisation which bought and developed a once abandoned farmhouse and transformed it into a hub and learning centre for the surrounding communities in Criagmillar Castle Park woodlands.

Volunteers from the local community packing emergency support packs

Since it started, the members of the local community have taken control of every aspect of the project, buying the building from the local council using community raised funds, and developing the hub entirely through volunteers’ hard work.

The project hosted regular Sunday activity sessions involving around 30 participants onsite working on a range of projects, all volunteering to create a welcoming space, learning new skills and developing the hub together. Activities involved cooking and preparing lunch, wood working, growing vegetables, fixing bikes and the building of an eco-bothy. There were also arts and crafts sessions run by a tutor, and painting and decorating with volunteers. A monthly volunteers' forum ensured all the volunteers were making decisions and driving what the project does.

Through the project, a supportive, vibrant and diverse community grew. People of all walks of life came together, regardless of life experiences, ethnicity, background or difficulties they faced. People are now actively involved in what happens in their community and at the hub. The project has also led to many new ideas, initiatives, partnerships and friendships, and has nurtured an active community.

Being at Bridgend Farmhouse lets me take better control of my mental health issues in an inclusive community that sets goals and achieves them.

Project Member

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery Scotland