Having run successful educational and training support projects in the past, Sef-Cymru built upon this to support people into work by holding workshops, training sessions, and feedback sessions to enable people to have stronger interviews and job applications.

Participants of BEAT standing in their local community

Income, employment and working conditions have a huge impact on our health. Having a good job can protect health by giving people stability, financial security and the ability to enjoy hobbies and activities, while being unemployed can contribute to poor health by causing financial insecurity, low self-esteem and mental health problems.

Butetown, Cardiff, has historically faced huge economic, educational and social disadvantage, and many local people face unfair discrimination in employment due to the area’s reputation. Although there are several big employers located around the edge of Butetown, recruitment of local people is low. Sef-Cymru brings young people and women together to increase educational attainment, job opportunities, confidence and participation in community campaigns.

Participants support each other’s progress and learning. Through campaigning, gaining more employable skills, and working with people in similar circumstances to themselves, participants gained greater self-esteem and confidence.

Through the BEAT project, residents have had a real opportunity to come to gether and get to know their neighbours better and unite around a common issue which is having an impact on our local area.

Shakilah Malik


Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery Wales