This project continues the work of Wigan and Leigh Deaf Children's Society in supporting and providing events for children of all ages with sensory impairments, or children who have a deaf parent or carer.

Positive About Deafness

Positive About Deafness continues the work of Wigan and Leigh Deaf Children’s Society to support deaf and sensory impaired children with a schedule of regular activities, as well as building a network for parents and children.

They organise events across Wigan and Leigh, supporting people across the borough to attend monthly events accessible to all sensory impaired children. Through pool parties, soft play sessions, roller skating and outings to landmarks, the project helps children and parents build connections, gain confidence and feel less isolated.

The project is run by parents of deaf and sensory impaired children, and all members and volunteers as well as parents regularly contribute ideas and feedback to make the monthly events as accessible and open to as many people as possible.

The project raises awareness by inviting deaf role models to speak to the groups, take part in sessions and give parents advice. WLDCS also spread awareness to local facilities like swimming pools and roller rinks to ensure staff are aware of the children’s requirements and can make classes and sessions more inclusive.

While accessibility for deaf and sensory impaired children has improved in the area thanks to the work of WLDCS, more is needed to support not only children but parents who require advice and emotional support. Positive About Deafness acts as a peer-to-peer network between experienced and new parents as well as volunteers and trustees to make sure experiences are shared and parents and children feel comfortable in the community.

“Being able to talk to people with experience of what you’re going through is life-changing.”

Katie O'Reilly

Founder and Trustee

Funded by People's Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery North West