This project is an initiative for families from the Bangladeshi community in Southall to participate in culturally sensitive and welcoming sports sessions, tailored to different groups. The project also provides signposting and advice for participants.

Southall Bangladeshi Families engagement

The overall aims of the project are to support newly arrived Bangladeshi families to become more active and connected with the local community, though taking part in activities that connect them, and give them the confidence and pathways to make their own networks.

A steering committee of participant volunteers shapes the project, meeting every three months. At these meetings participants are able to decide on what activities they’d like to take part in and also have control over the dates and times that work for them. This aspect of the project helps develop confidence as families become engaged in the organising aspect.

The project takes place in London Tigers Sports Complex, a 19 acre park that is leased to London Tigers by Ealing Council. They run many projects in this park and host a variety of sports activities and events. This means that participants are connected with the wider community as well as people from different backgrounds living in the same area and taking part in other projects.

Due to language barriers and social isolation many of the people involved have been unable to join other groups or have not had the confidence to start engaging with the community. Participants are supported to become volunteers or coaches and become even more engaged beyond their specific project.

Some of the sports taking place are football, cricket, and netball but participants also bring their own ideas. For example, London Tigers recently helped a group establish a walking activity, an initiative brought to them by participants.

With sports you don’t need to communicate but once you’ve got that confidence and sense of belonging and sense of identity, you get to know people and then your health and wellbeing improves.”

Mesba Ahmed

Chief Executive

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery London West.