Living Under One Sun was created in 2005 by a group of mothers from different cultures who wanted to feel less isolated, improve their area, and make their neighbourhood feel safer. The Welcome Women project expands on ongoing activities such as growing food.

Participants plant flowers as part of Welcome Women project

Many of the people involved with the project are older women, migrants, refugees, or from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. A lot of them do not speak English as a first language, have had difficulties accessing services and information, are often living in low-income households, or feel isolated socially.

Living Under One Sun has gone from strength to strength. They’ve developed part of a vandalised site on Tottenham Marshes into an allotment which has become an important community asset and transformed a disused bowling club into a thriving and much needed multi-purpose community hub and café open to all in the community. They are creating resident-led community forums and groups and working closely with local decision makers to influence change in the area.

The Welcome Women project, supports local women to meet up to socialise, and to lead activities and initiatives together which address issues that are important to them. It expands on Living Under One Sun activities such as yoga, mindfulness sessions, food growing, story telling, art and knitting. As well as building social connections and community power, the project is addressing other important social determinants of health including education and skills and campaigning to improve local surroundings.

Tottenham is a magnificent place with a rich culture and history. There are some amazing people living here. There is so much generosity, so much kindness; when you’re down, there’s always someone to hold your hand. But the inequality means that people living in Tottenham can die nine years younger than people living in the more affluent parts of the borough.

Leyla Laksari

Chief Executive Officer

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised through Health Lottery London East