This two-year project provided a safe and comfortable space for members of the South Asian community in Huddersfield to come together over a hot meal to meet other people, share experiences, and make new friends.

It’s often presumed that South Asian people look after and live with their elderly relatives. However, as people relocate for work, traditional structures and family ties are loosening. This can lead to an intergenerational disconnect and isolation for older people, which this project is addressing in their community.

Through regular social meet ups, local residents are able to meet similar people in their community and form long-lasting social connections. Participants also meet once a month to discuss which activities they would like to do as part of the project. For example, participants suggested a workshop on accessing the internet and using mobile phones.

The project particularly targeted older residents and aimed to empower them to widen their networks and encourage them to be independent. Participants also plan trips away and the group have visited Parliament. Through engaging with the group, participants have become more confident and active in the community.

It’s been great to see how people develop over time and find their voices, becoming more independent, socially aware and integrated in the local community.

Jamil Akhtar


Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery Yorkshire and Humber