The consultation asked what is working well, and what Government could do to strengthen it further.

The strategy

Published in August 2018, Civil Society Strategy: building a future that works for everyone, sets out how government will work with and for civil society in the long-term to create a country that works for everyone.

It consists of five chapters that each address the ‘five foundations of social value’ in turn:

  • People - enabling a lifetime of contribution focuses on the role of citizens in civil society, with particular reference to the role of young people.
  • Places - empowerment and investment for local communities presents a vision of ‘place’, and the role of government in supporting local communities.
  • The social sector - supporting charities and social enterprises explains the government’s approach to the core of civil society i.e. the social sector of charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises including mutuals.
  • The private sector - promoting business, finance and tech for good outlines the role of business, finance and tech in civil society.
  • The public sector - ensuring collaborative commissioning explains how the government sees the future role of civil society organisations in the delivery of public services.

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