The Trust supported calls for a Health or Health Equity in All Policies approach, as well as far greater investment in public health and prevention. Within this, we advocated for a primary focus upon social determinants of health and fairer allocations of regional and local funding.

We also supported pledges to narrow life expectancy and healthy life expectancy gaps, albeit specified this must focus upon raising life expectancy and healthy life expectancy within the 20 to 30 per cent most disadvantaged places in the country, where these estimates are lowest.

The Trust emphasised that any health equity work must focus on minoritised groups, including particular ethnic groups, disabled people, and people with learning disabilities who face the greatest health inequalities across the lifecourse.

We also advocated for a Levelling Up funding settlement that supported small and local community organisations through the release of dormant assets, to ensure those groups who supported so many in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods through the pandemic are able to continue to operate.

The Trust gave evidence supporting a variety of interventions and investments across the social determinants of health and focused upon how best this should be targeted.

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