The report looks at barriers to paying the real Living Wage within the charity sector. Case studies from a support worker, Islington Council, and People’s Health Trust, look at the benefits of paying the real Living Wage and how others can tackle low pay in the charity sector.

Following on from the release of the Low Pay in the Charity Sector report, the action plan details ways in which the charity sector can tackle barriers such as competition for funding which has created a ‘race to the bottom’ environment. Another barrier raised was a lack of awareness about the real Living Wage.

Actions in the plan recommend that Government commissioning bodies procure services based on the Living Wage as a minimum for delivery staff; grant-makers should become ‘Living Wage Friendly Funders’, championing fair pay; and charities should proudly champion their Living Wage leadership, amongst other actions.

The report also explores tangible ways that the actions can be implemented.

Date published: 1 June 2018