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What makes us healthy?

There are stark differences in life expectancy and quality of health throughout the country. Our work tackles the socio-economic factors behind this inequality.

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People’s Health Trust is a charity addressing health inequalities

We are funded by six local society lotteries through The Health Lottery.

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Willow Tree project lead Heather Sayer and a member of the Willow Tree Stores
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Advice for Health launches

Advice for Health is a funding pot that aims to support people’s mental and physical health by accessing advice. It is open for stage one applications in four regions of England until Wednesday 19 June.

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Tenants don’t get what they deserve

Augustina, a member of CAHN in Manchester, speaks about the poor conditions of her previous home, the lack of repairs from her landlord and the impact on her children's physical and mental health.

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Our Climate Action plan

At the Trust, we have been exploring the ways in which we can make a significant contribution to address the climate crisis within our role as a funder, an investor, an employer and an organisation with a carbon footprint.

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