People’s Health Trust is an independent charity funded by 12 local society lotteries and the money they raise through The Health Lottery

World Refugee Day: ‘New Plan for Immigration’ will worsen existing health inequalities

04 June 2021

In March 2021, the current Home Secretary announced a &ls

Study asks why LGBTQ+ People of Colour and Refugees and Asylum Seekers are not accessing services

03 June 2021

People’s Health Trust recognise that many people with shared identities, experiences, characteristics or common interests face additional barriers to good health due to discrimination

Windrush Day 2021

03 June 2021

In this blog Elizabeth Alogba, Communications and Events Officer at The Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN), explores the history of Windrush Day on 22 June and the importance of co

Queen’s Speech: A missed opportunity to tackle the social determinants of health

21 May 2021

The Queen’s Speech on Tuesday 11 May set out the government’s legislative programme for the next parliamentary term.

Community workers are at the frontline of the mental health crisis

14 May 2021

 “We need to treat our community leaders and workers with the greatest of respect, we need to act to support their mental health needs and we need to do this now.”

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"Thanks to People’s Health Trust and the money raised through the society lotteries, our volunteers have supported thousands of people in need in their homes and in the community.” Catherine Johnstone CBE, Chief Executive – Royal Voluntary Service

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