The Health Lottery's tenth birthday graphic

October marks 10 years since People’s Health Trust started funding community projects using money raised through The Health Lottery. Over £121 million has been raised for more than 3,000 resident-led community groups over a decade.

People’s Health Trust awards funding across Great Britain in areas where people are facing the greatest levels of disadvantage. The projects we fund give local people control over tackling inequalities they face in their neighbourhoods such as poor quality housing, access to jobs and opportunities to learn new skills.

Thanks to players of The Health Lottery we’ve been able to keep funding small and local projects under our Active Communities funding programme. We’ve also set up a long-term sustainable funding programme called Local Conversations, working directly with neighbourhoods to decide how and when the money is best spent in their area to make it an even better place to grow, live, work and age.

Our aim is to tackle health inequalities by giving communities the resources to come together to address an issue that is important to them. This could be mental health support, a boxing club, revamping a community swimming pool, tackling racial discrimination, and much more. All of our projects have a focus on building social connections and community power, because they are both important factors for good health, and first steps to addressing other factors which affect health.

If inequalities within factors which make us healthy, like having a enough income and decent home, are not tackled this can have a massive impact on our life expectancy and health outcomes.

With funding raised through The Health Lottery we’ve been able to fund resident-led groups to make a huge impact in their local neighbourhood.

Everyone who buys a ticket for The Health Lottery makes this possible and helps support our mission to tackle health inequalities.

You can support us by playing The Health Lottery here.